Regenerative Agriculture

... creating healthy land, healthy people, and profit...

Vanguard Business Services’ Regenerative Agriculture division works with families one-on-one in a consultancy capacity, as well as offering Holistic Management training.

Principal, Mark Gardner is a Certified Professional Educator in Allan Savory’s Holistic Management, with over 25 years’ experience. He works directly with the Savory Institute.

Regenerative Agriculture is about creating healthy land, healthy people, and profit meeting each family’s income needs - now and into the future.

Research has shown farm family businesses using Regenerative Agriculture principles have similar levels of profit to traditional businesses but with lower risk. Family members have higher physical and mental wellbeing, and land that is healthier, with more ground cover.

Contact Mark Gardner today to talk about how he can help your family with individualised Regenerative Agriculture plan, or how you might attend a Holistic Management Training event near you.

Mark Gardner

Mark Gardner

Director and Consultant

Mark Gardner is a Director and Senior Farm Consultant specialising in holistic farm & land management

"Vanguard exists and is thriving because we make a positive difference to the lives and businesses of the people we work with. We are an energetic and positive small team, with a passion for family farming. We are not traditional consultants!"

Mark Gardner has extensive agricultural experience across a number of agricultural industries. A large component of his time involves working with and facilitating groups and family businesses to improve profitability and land health.

He also organises and conducts business management and natural resource management education programs using Allan Savory’s Holistic Management®.

Mark is also a trained business coach for individual farm families and uses the “On Track” process model to improve business performance. He uses this process to produce business plans, and feasibility studies for farm families. Part of this process includes financial, social and environmental benchmarking.

Core Expertise

Mark has significant experience in delivery of customised and practical training to farmer groups. He currently works with a range of businesses seeking to improve their profitability, land health or to develop a no fuss succession plan.

Caitlin Gardner

Caitlin Gardner

Program Manager

Caitlin Gardner manages the Holistic Management Educator Program at Vanguard

"I'm managing the Holistic Management Educator Program at Vanguard. The Program will develop a new generation of Change Agents who can support other resource managers to move towards a regenerative future. I'm excited to support others to create lasting and positive change within their own context."

Caitlin has experience managing diverse projects within a research training context. She is passionate about facilitating training opportunities to support people to reach their personal and professional goals. Caitlin is also undertaking a PhD at the University of Sydney Business School and works part-time for Vanguard.

Amanda Furney is the office manager

Amanda Furney

Accounts/Office Manager

Amanda Furney is the Office Manager at Vanguard

“I have worked in accounting for the past 10 years and enjoy working in a small business environment.  Vanguard is a great place to work as we make a positive difference to the lives of all our clients.”

Amanda is currently studying to obtain a Diploma of Rural Business Management and has worked in the accounting industry for 10 years.  At Vanguard, Amanda is the Office Manager and is responsible for Financial Management for the company.

Amanda also has a hands-on role in organising the various group network meetings facilitated by Vanguard.