We can help simplify and the make business of farming easier.

At Vanguard Business Services, we know farm profit is important – it’s what supports the family farm, plans for expansion, travel, debt reduction, re-investment on the farm, or paying for education.

We can help simplify and make the business of farming easier for you and your family.

Strongly committed to Regenerative Agriculture, we provide innovative and low cost solutions for the short and long term.

We help farming businesses to achieve targeted levels of profit. With a strong benchmarking background, we’re able to help farming businesses understand just what their profit drivers are, where costs savings can be made, and how to improve the bottom line, in balance with the land and desired lifestyle.

Vanguard Business Services works with each family to create a personalised action plan, supported by a yearly coaching framework, to make sure your business is focused on the things that will make a difference throughout the year.

Using Allan Savory’s Holistic Management to create a regenerative farm family business sets us apart from traditional agricultural consultants.